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Why you should get your butt to an exercise class

I believe that people get better results when they do most of their exercising in a group environment.

I just finished reading an article about a study that was done about group exercise classes. The study found that people who exercised in a group were less stressed, and experienced more mental, physical, and emotional health benefits than those who exercised alone or who didn’t exercise at a gym.

This tells us that it’s possible to get more benefits out of physical activity when you do it in a social atmosphere.

There are plenty of reasons that this might be…

Motivation. Exercising in a group is way more motivating than working out by yourself. When you’re in a group class, you get support and encouragement from other people who are also working hard. Working out on your own can be mentally tough because you have nobody driving you to do your best, but yourself.

Accountability. If you’re doing your own solitary workout, it’s easy to give up after you’re tired of a certain exercise, or to cheat on the amount of reps you’re doing. Exercising in a group makes you want to work harder, and you have to finish because you’re surrounded by other people who are all doing the same thing.

Fun. It’s just more fun to exercise with a group. There’s music, conversation, laughs, and group classes always seem to go by quicker than the ones you do on your own.

If you haven’t tried a group exercise class, is it because you’re nervous to work out in front of a bunch of other people?

It’s totally normal to feel that way. I get it. You might be worried that you’ll look dumb, or you won’t be able to keep up, or you’ll do something embarrassing.

But guess what? Every other person in that room was new to the class at one time.

We have a ton of exercise classes for you to try, and I think we have the friendliest membership you’ll find anywhere. Nobody is going to be looking at you. They’re going to be focused on their own work out. Check out the schedule here:

Remember that with your membership, you can go to unlimited classes. Make use of it!

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