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Our Online Training is a Hit!

Here is Adrianna's experience with online training.

Q1. What has your program looked like for you over the past 8 weeks?

A1. Over the last 8 weeks, my program has been tailored to fit me as an individual. Courtney created custom workouts to help me reach my goals. It consisted of three challenging workouts each week which were diverse and fun. This included TRX, mat work, dumbbells and the occasional piece of equipment. She created a guideline to help me get the right number of macros (fat, protein, carbs) and adjusted them to suit my own body's needs.

Q2. What was your activity and fitness routine before you started?

A2. Before joining Full Throttle Fitness and the training App, I did 4 or so 10–15-minute exercises at home per week. They weren’t always effective or highly motivated workouts. I also roller skated once a week which was excellent for cardio.

Q3. What has the programming helped you achieve?

A3. The programming successfully helped me achieve my goals of more energy and gaining muscle/strength. I've had more energy in the past 8 weeks than I have had in the past two years. I have reached my calories and macro count goals nearly every day and have had the motivation to do a few real workouts instead of multiple poorly executed workouts at home. Consistent eating really does the trick!

Q4. What have you found to be the best part of the programming/app?

A4. The best part of the programming/app is the accountability and ease of not having to think about “what will I do for a workout today”. The workouts were laid out plainly and were easy to follow. The app even comes with timers so I didn’t have to worry about setting my own! Knowing someone is there for encouragement really helps.

Q5. How has your experience been using full throttle fitness and the app.

A5. The experience with using Full Throttle Fitness and the App was all around wonderful. The app created a fantastic little community with others on similar journeys. Connecting with Courtney through the app to ask questions was all very convenient. Another exciting part about the app is with each workout comes an explanation and a video/picture sequence of how to best and safely execute the exercise!

Q6. What would you say to anyone looking at starting programming with Courtney or Full Throttle Fitness?

A6. The experience in the last 8 weeks with Full Throttle Fitness and the Personal Training all is extremely worth it and convenient! In a busy world, it’s hard to fit everything in. Having the app right there on my phone and with so many others on the same path as you, at your fingertips is a great way to find motivation and community in building a healthier you. Courtney builds easy to follow, challenging effective workouts with encouragement to help make working out fun. Based on your goals, you can have a plan that allows you to workout at home or at the gym! I loved the section of the app that allows us to share photos of our meals. It’s nice to easily track what I ate for reference and quick inspiration. All in all, Full Throttle Fitness and the App is an effective convenient way to get yourself back on track and I recommend others to give it a try! I have seen my muscles grow and energy come back in just a short two months. I look forward to seeing my health, physically and mentally, come back by using her tailored plans and Full Throttle Fitness. Hope to see you there!

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