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Why some of our members exercise barefoot.

Do you know what the most important part of your body is when it comes to movement?

It’s not your glutes or your core or your back.

It’s your feet.

Your foot contains 20 muscles, 28 bones, and more than 30 joints.

If your foot doesn’t have the proper strength or mobility, your whole body can be impacted.

When you wear the wrong shoe for the activity you’re doing, you’re not going to get the best results.

Shoes with really thick soles affect the feedback your brain normally receives from your feet. That can cause muscles not to work hard enough while others work too hard. This affects your movement and can lead to injury.

You’ll notice at the studio, some of our members work out barefoot. Back when we started offering kettlebell, we strongly encouraged barefoot training. Why?

Barefoot training has a lot of benefits:

* Increased mobility

* Increased foot strength

* Improved balance

Full Throttle Fitness is a barefoot friendly gym.

If you’d like to transition to barefoot training, you might be more comfortable to start with your warm up or your cool down and work your way up. It can be a strange feeling to exercise barefoot after you’re used to sneakers, but you really might like it!

It’s also much better for you than wearing the wrong sneakers for the exercise you’re doing.

If you can’t get behind the barefoot thing, at least make sure you’re investing in the right shoe. There are lots of articles online that can show you which type of sneaker is best for the exercise you’re doing, but this one has some good information:

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