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Training with Family has it's Perks!

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Kelly and Krystal share their experience at Full Throttle Fitness and how finding a workout buddy can make all the difference.

What got you started at Full Throttle?

There was a Facebook group for the 8 week boot camp which started in April, I thought it would be a great chance to try it out and see if I would like it or could even do it. I asked Krystal if she would be interested in trying it out together, she said she would think about it. At this time the class was full but I thought maybe when the next one comes up we could decide for sure. I messaged Courtney to say I was interested and if she would being doing another one after the 8 weeks, it ended up there was a couple spots open, so I signed us up. Within a few minutes it went from a discussion on joining, to class starts Monday and we are going.

What type of workouts/classes have you been doing?

We started with boot camp classes and got Courtney to create a workout for us that we could do on our own time at the gym. We now go to Kettlebell on Saturday mornings as well and to yoga whenever we have the chance.

What’s your favorite thing about Full Throttle?

The overall atmosphere you get when you enter the gym, you always feel welcome and comfortable. Everyone including the instructors gives you the motivation and support you need to do your workout at your own pace but also helps you push your limits.

Do you motivate each other to come to classes?

Definitely, it’s not really a verbal thing it’s more of a conscious thing. You know the other person is going and relying on you to go with them, therefore you have to go.

Do you motivate each other to work harder?

For sure, there is always the competitive side to it (If she can do so can I). Being sisters we know the motivation the other needs and can help them feel confident in themselves. It doesn’t always involve pushing each other harder it can be as simple as just supporting the other to get through the workout.

What’s it like having a consistent workout partner?

It’s awesome. The feeling of always having someone there to support and motivate you who you are comfortable with and won’t mind telling you how it is. Also there is always someone else to hold you accountable for getting you workouts in.

What would you say to someone thinking about of starting at Full Throttle?

Stop thinking about it and join! You will absolutely love it and be totally surprised on how you feel and what you are capable of.

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