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The secret to a healthy body

It’s January and that means many people are making healthy changes to their lifestyle, starting their new year on the right foot.

I’m very pleased that our Facebook Messenger has been busier than ever with people inquiring about memberships, our 24/7 access, class offerings, and nutrition services. It’s great to see so many people excited to get healthier. If everyone who starts eating clean and exercising right now kept up those habits all year long… come next January, they would see so many positive changes in their body and in their health.

Everybody wishes they knew the secret to losing weight and keeping it off… but everybody *does* know the secret. And it’s not a secret, it’s just hard work! Trust me. I wish there was an easier way, but there isn’t.

The secret to a strong, lean, healthy body is consistency. If you’re consistent with your nutrition, your exercise, your water intake, your sleep, and if you don’t eat things that are bad for you, your body will reflect that. Just like if you consistently eat fried foods, drink sugary beverages, and don’t move your body, your physical appearance will reflect that, too.

Your best long term health isn’t going to come from a fad diet, or the latest weight loss system, or depriving your body of calories and nutrients. It’s going to come from good nutrition and movement.

It’s great to have that burst of motivation at the beginning of the New Year, or six weeks before you’ll be wearing a bathing suit, or six months before you get married, but if you could take those habits and apply them every day, you would get out of that cycle forever.

We’re here to support your health and wellness goals with exercise options to suit every body, nutritional counseling, and more. Give us a call any time.

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