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Our Full Throttle Family did it again!

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

While our own Arlene van Diepen prepares to compete at the World Powerlifting Championship in Alberta, this past weekend seven other members of our Full Throttle Family competed in the 2018 Provincial Powerlifting Championships in Summerside. And what a competition it was!

Amber James, Bethany Coffin, Karley Affleck, Sally Drake, Serena Steele, Glenda MacDonald, and Courtney Steele all took home medals and set some amazing personal records. Although all of these lifters have been competing less then a year they displayed amazing confidence, strength and had so much fun.

Out of 7 lifters, 4 had totals that qualify them for the Regional competition which takes place in Summerside this year. One lifter had a national qualifying total for their respective age and weight categories!

Training for some has already started back up with just a few days off for rest. We are hard at work putting together our very first Full Throttle Fitness Powerlifting and strong man/woman event which will take place July 22nd as part of the Morell River Run Festival. Newbies won’t have to wear a singlet (shorts and tee will be required) and this event will take place outside.

Stayed tuned for registration information coming up!

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