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Miriam drops the fad diets and loses weight successfully!

I love the fat loss meal plan that Courtney developed for me! I met my goal of losing 10 pounds (plus between 1.5 and 2 inches each in my waist, bust and hips) in just 5 weeks, without starving myself and at a pace I can sustain going forward.

With so many diets out there: Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting, and High Protein: just to name a few, it takes a lot of time to learn about each and to pick the right one to match the goal one has set. Courtney’s program of designing a meal plan and providing ongoing coaching was perfect for me for 5 main reasons:

(1) I made and ate my own fresh food, from a large list of options. I didn’t want to go down the road again of spending money to buy or making space for pre-packaged foods that I just ended up throwing away.

(2) The meal plan was balanced in the sense that I could eat everything, including carbs, protein, veggies, and fat. While I needed to manage the amount from each group per the meal plan, I had tons of room to be creative in what I ate.

(3) I never had cravings or felt hungry. That is one of the more surprising things about this meal plan. You actually have 5 meal periods, including near bed time, with no food groups eliminated. Courtney says that you need food to fuel your body and to lose weight without losing muscle. Who wants loose skin or weakened muscles? Not me!

(4) I saved myself money and time by not buying more diet books that end up on my book shelf, never to be read again.

(5) To be honest, I needed a coach to hold me accountable and to encourage me to keep going on meeting my goal. Courtney’s knowledge and friendly approach really motivated me. Her private Facebook support group was also a nice addition to the whole experience.

To sum up, the meal plan that Courtney sketched out for me delivered the results I was looking for. I look better and I feel better overall. I believe that what made it successful for me is that I never had to deprive myself of anything and it was easy to follow. I’m now going to start on a new goal with Courtney’s coaching and a revised meal plan. My family doctor was so happy with my first go around that he said “do some more.” What are “friends” for? LOL. Thank you, Courtney, for your support. I highly recommend your program and I highly recommend you!

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