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Jenn builds muscle and loses fat and gets in the best shape of her life!

I started the Fat Loss Program with the goal of losing 30lbs. I started by having a full body composition work up, body measurements, discussing what my goals were and made a realistic fitness plan. With all of that information, Courtney built my personal meal plan, which focused on a certain amount of Protein, Carbs and Fat throughout the day, depending on my fitness schedule.

In the beginning, it’s a struggle getting used to measuring everything and remembering to eat at specific times in the day, but with the help and support that Courtney gave me, it became routine fairly quickly.

What I liked about the meal plan was the fact that this was not a “diet” and certain food groups weren’t restricted. You actually eat a lot of food, as long as it’s whole grains and lean proteins and good fats, with an unlimited amount of Vegetables. The main focus is to make sure you are fueling your body properly, so you don’t lose muscle in the process.

After the first few weeks of weigh ins, the scale was consistently going down, but I started to get a little frustrated with myself because it wasn’t “big numbers” like I was hoping for. After telling Courtney my concerns that I didn’t think I was progressing as well as I thought I should, she explained to me that if you drop weight too quickly, the chances of gaining it, plus more, back are much higher. She also did another body composition reading on me and when she showed me the results, it changed my whole perspective! My Muscle % was up and my body fat % was down and that meant any weight I had lost was pure fat. From then on I refocused my goals to not obsess with the number on the scale and to work on building lean muscle to burn the excess fat.

At this point I had also started regularly attending classes at Full Throttle Fitness. I never used to enjoy working out ( in fact I hated it ) but it’s different than all the other gyms I have tried in the past. It’s not intimidating and the environment and the people are fun and welcoming. I actually look forward to it now. Courtney is a fantastic instructor. She knows how to build your strength and have confidence in what your body can do and when to challenge you to push harder. I absolutely love the classes and the people at Full Throttle and I’m so grateful that we have it in our community.

In 4 months I was able to drop 21.6lbs, but the big deal is my body fat dropped 7.6%, my muscle mass went up 3.6% and I lost inches! My overall body weight is still 9lbs away from my original goal, but the clothes I wore when I was 10lbs lighter than I am right now, actually fit me much better. I’m in my early 40’s and I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been! I feel fantastic, I have a ton of energy and feel very confident about the food choices I make now.

I am so happy I started the Fat Loss program and made this lifestyle change. I can’t thank Courtney enough for this great program and all the guidance and support she provides. I highly recommend it.

Jenn Hutt

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