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Glenda is off to Nationals!

Q. How long have you been lifting and how many meets have you competed in?

A. I have been lifting competitively since 2016 and have competed in 7 events.

Q. What does going to nationals mean to you?

A. Qualifying for Nationals was a bit surprising. Actually going is nerve wracking, a week out now with training done and the excitement is starting to set in.

Q. What has been your biggest accomplishments so far?

A. Anyone that knows me knows I am a deadlift girl first. Setting a new provincial deadlift record in December of 337lbs was a big deal for me

Q. What numbers are you hoping to get at nationals? What were your starting numbers?

A. I am hoping to set some new personal bests and to lift clean, go 9 for 9. My starting numbers in 2016 were Squat 192.9 lbs, Bench 93.7 lbs and Deadlift 270.1 lbs. My personal bests going into the Nationals are 264lb Squat, 132lb Bench and 337lb deadlift.

Q. What age and category will you be competing in and how many people will there be in your category?

A. I compete in the Masters 1, 72 kg division. There were 9 women in my division when I registered.

Q. What has your training looked like going into nationals?

A. Training has looked like 4-5 days in the gym, give or take with life thrown in on top of that.

Q. What are your plans for after nationals?

A. Plans after Nationals, I am focused on Nationals, see what's next once that day is done.

Q. What have you learned over the last three years of competing?

A. Of all the things I have learned over these last few years ( too numerous to ever mention) from my Coach, aka Courtney Steele, consistency is the key.

Stay tuned for a link on March 4th at 2pm to watch Glenda!

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