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Enter our Fall Fitness Frenzy for your chance to win a Fit Basket!

It's a Fall Fitness Frenzy at Full Throttle!


· We’ve just started our trial HIIT TRX class. If you who didn’t get a spot, stay tuned! If the class becomes popular, we’ll add it to the schedule!

· Semi-private Body Pump classes will be starting up on September 25th

7:40pm. This is a great class with a mixture of cardio and strength, and it can be modified for all fitness levels.

· Kettlebell is coming back to the studio! Classes start on September 29th at 9:30am. Kettlebell is a great workout and it can also be modified for all fitness levels.


If you’re looking to improve your overall health, learn how nutrition and exercise can lead to a healthier lifestyle, and to finally achieve your weight loss goals, this is for you. This 8-week program costs $130, taxes in, and includes:

· Private consultation to identify goals

· Weekly check-ins

· Nutrition information and coaching

· Meal planning for success

· Healthy meal and snack ideas and recipes

· Whole body fitness information

· Group discussions (if numbers are sufficient)

Spaces are limited. Contact Arlene VanDiepen to register: 902.626.1086 or


· Come out and create a lovely piece of Fall-themed art with Forever Freehand on September 22nd at 6:00pm.

· Lose weight and win! Looking for some motivation to help you lose those last few pounds? Pay $10 to enter our challenge. The person who achieves the highest percentage of weight loss gets half the pot. Register at

· Membership specials start on September 27th. Stay tuned!


Cost to enter: Free for members! Non-members pay $30

It’s simple. Set a fitness goal. Go to our classes, do your own workouts, participate in challenges, track your progress, win prizes! This is a fun challenge to get you back to an active lifestyle. It’s not a weight loss challenge.

See you at the studio!

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