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Celebrating an Amazing Five Years of Full Throttle Fitness!

Later this month (May 25), we’ll be hosting a big party to celebrate our fifth year in business. Our studio has come a very long way since our days in the great little space we had, over the Morell Bakery (remember coming down those stairs after leg day??) where we would do bootcamp classes, personal training, kettlebell, and yoga.

We’re still located in the Morell Maples Mall, but we have a much larger space on the ground floor, in what used to be the Liquor Store.

Over the years, we have had many people come through our doors. Some have stayed on to be full-fledged gym rats, others come a few times a year, and others come once and then for whatever reason, never come back.

Life happens, and it’s very easy to let one week off from the gym turn into two weeks off, to six months, to being embarrassed to ever go back. I thought this would be a great time to welcome everyone to the studio and to remind you that we don’t have any bad feelings and no matter how long you’ve been away, we would love to have you join us again.

Just in case you need some extra motivation, let me give you an update on what we have to offer at Full Throttle Fitness:

·eBooks: We couldn't be more excited to offer full workouts to both members and non-members. It couldn't be simpler, go to our website, click the eBook you want to purchase, pay with credit or debit, receive a link that you can open on your phone or computer. Each eBook comes with detailed pictures, exercise descriptions and an exercise log with the appropriate amount of reps and sets.

for each workout. It couldn't be simpler!

· Trained staff. We have added several amazing new staff members over the past five years to help you with your health goals, whether it’s through personal training or group classes. Whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey, or want to ramp up your efforts, we can match you with the perfect trainer for you.

·24/7 access. We now provide members with a code so they can access the gym anytime wish. We have many 24/7 access memberships available and would love to have more people taking advantage of this great feature.

· Powerlifting gear/support/training. We have a very active community of lifters, and all of the gear you need to meet your powerlifting goals, including 1000lbs in bumper plates and a number of squat cages. We have men and women ranging in age from 18 to 60+ so there are no limitations on who can work on their strength goals!

· Weights galore. We have dumbbells ranging in weight from 3lbs-105lbs, and kettlebells from 5lbs-60lbs.

· Treadmill. Many of our members make use of our treadmill. 24/7 access makes it easy to come in for a quick run or powerwalk.

· Body weight scale. The scale we use at the studio doesn’t only measure your weight. It can also give us a read of your muscle and fat percentages, your visceral fat measurement, body age, and the number of calories your body burns when it is in its resting state! The best part is with your memberships you can get measured for free.

· Concept 2 Rower. We have the world’s leading rower machine on the market in our studio. Rowing is a great form of low impact cardio.

· Spin bikes. We’ve been offering spin for a while now, and as this great cardio class has grown in popularity, we’ve continued to add bikes to the studio.

· Pilates classes. One of the more recent offerings on our fitness schedule is our Pilates classes. Serena is a wonderful instructor and is able to work with beginners to make sure they feel confident in our classes. Don’t forget, we can always provide you with a personal training session before you start a group class to give you a feel for what you will expect, and an overview of some common stretches and moves that your instructor might use.

· TRX. There are a number of TRX suspension training equipment in the studio for our members to use.

· Cable machine. We have a cable machine in the studio now, which is great for many different exercises.

· TV. If you have a workout video you would love to do, but for whatever reason you don’t want to do at home, take it with you to the gym! We have a DVD player and TV so you can get set up and exercise to your heart’s content.

We also have an AED machine in the studio just in case anyone should need serious medical assistance.

For anyone who hasn’t been in our studio before, or maybe who hasn’t been since we moved, mark May 25th in your calendar and stop in to see what’s new!

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