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Burpees for a Good Cause

Hands up if you like burpees… 




Didn’t think so.

Burpees are usually met with a lot of groans when we include them in our classes, but wanna hear a secret? We instructors don’t like them either. 

Truth: The burpee is a crazy effective exercise that works every part of your body. 

Truth: They also really suck to do. 

So, you might be surprised to hear that we’re actually signing up to do as many burpees as humanly possible… all in the spirit of Christmas.

We heard about some kids who could use a pick-me-up this Christmas and we wanted to do something about it. What better way to help kids at Christmas than making your fitness instructors suffer through burpees? 

The plan is simple. For each $1 you donate, we’ll do a burpee. 

The money will be given to the caretakers of those kids so they can receive some presents at Christmas.  

$1 per burpee.

There will be jars at the studio with our names on them. For each dollar you put in the jar, that instructor will have to do a burpee. If there’s $100 in the jar, that’s 100 burpees. If there’s $200 in the jar, that’s 200 burpees. It might take us all day to do them, but that’s ok.

We may even set up at the Coop for an hour over the next week and we will accept etransfer to just make sure to note what instructor you would like to make do the burpees.

The more money we collect the better!

You have until Saturday, December 15thto toss in your money. We’ll be doing our burpees after the 9:30 class that morning. Feel free to join us to participate or just to watch us suffer. 

Fa la la la la la! 

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