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Arlene makes her return to nationals

How long have you been lifting and how many meets have you competed in?

I have been lifting for 2 years. I have competed in 6 competitions.

What are your feelings heading into the Nationals?

I alternate between excitement and nervousness! I know that I have put in the work and I feel confident that because of a solid training program and my commitment to carrying it out that I will reach my goals.

What does going to the Nationals mean to you?

I love meeting athletes from across Canada who have worked hard all year to be able to compete on the National stage. We have some amazing talent and it is wonderful to chat with them back stage and to watch them compete. It brings an extra degree of satisfaction to know that I qualified and that I am able to ‘keep it together’ competing at this level.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I place 3rd at the 2018 nationals. I qualified and was placed on the Canadian team for the 2018 World’s where I won a bronze medal for bench and deadlift. I want to thank Tom Nicholls who helped me with programming for the 2018 Nationals and World’s. His support for me and for powerlifting on PEI as a whole, gave me the confidence I needed to walk onto the platform at the National and International stage.

At the Kings County competition in December 2018, I tied the national record for the Deadlift for my age and weight class.

What numbers are you hoping to get for Nationals and what were your starting numbers?

In May of 2017 at the PEI Provincial Competition, I had an 80kg Squat, 50kg Bench and a 110kg Deadlift for a 240kg total. At the Nationals, I am hoping to be successful with a 107.5kg Squat, 57.5kg Bench and a 152.5kg Deadlift for a 317.5kg total.

What age and weight category will you be competing in and how many will be in your category?

I will be competing in the M3 84kg category. There will be 4 lifters.

What has your training been like going into the Nationals?

In June of 2018, after the World’s, I started working with Avi Silverberg who is a certified Powerlifting coach with experience coaching at the National and International level. I faced some injuries after the World’s, and he developed a program specific to my needs and has followed my progress closely over the past 8 months. I have worked out 5 days per week with each session being 2 to 2.5 hours. I have been committed to the program and rarely have missed a day other than for illness. I must admit that I LOVE working out so that has helped me to be so committed! After a good workout, I have such a great feeling of wellness that I look forward to the next workout!

What are your plans after the Nationals?

I take it one competition at a time, so right now I am focusing totally on being healthy in body, mind and spirit for March 4! Knowing me, on March 5, I will be planning for what comes next!

I want to thank Courtney Steele for her support and encouragement over the past two years. I wouldn’t be powerlifting if it wasn’t for her. As well, I want to thank the members of Full Throttle Fitness and the Full Throttle Powerlifting team for encouragement and support.

Arlene competes on March 4th @7pm

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