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13.4lbs Down for Jerina

Her Results



9 Inches

1.5% Body Fat


0.8% Muscle

1. What have you been doing over the past 6 weeks to get the results you have achieved?

I have been following a fat loss program that specifies the grams and carbs, protein and fat to eat, and when, timed around my workouts.

2. How is the fat loss program now compared to when you started?

When I first started the meal plan, I went crazy trying to plan elaborate meals multiple times a day and stressed about doing the math to get the balance of carbs, protein and fat just right! After a week or two, I was comfortable enough with portions and the nutritional value of certain foods that I knew how much of which foods I needed to eat - the plan is basically 2 different days repeated over and over, so I had some easy and yummy go tos set up. I also realized that life can be very busy as a working mom of 3, so sometimes hitting those macros looks like whole grain toast, a protein shake, and some precut veggies - and that's ok. It doesn't have to be pretty to have all the good things you need.

3. How do you feel about your results so far?

I am beyond excited about my results from this program. I considered myself a pretty healthy eater before - I was proud of my protein shake breakfast, and salads for lunch. I have been working on getting healthy consistently for about 2 years, but the scale had pretty much stalled for the last 6 months. I've lost more than double in 6 weeks than I did in the previous 6 months! More than that, I feel amazing. Without enough carbs (or even food!) throughout the day, I'd hit that mid afternoon slump, and really lacked energy. I'm eating more food than ever (so much food!) and I have energy and mental focus all day - no more slump. And my workouts are better than ever- I'm losing weight, and still getting stronger. That is important to me. I have worked hard to get stronger, and my main goals are strength based! The last few weeks have really helped me view food as fuel. I can see what my body is capable of when it's properly fueled with the right foods!

4. What would you say to anyone thinking of starting this program?

I would say that you need this in your life. Food is not the enemy - it's what your body needs in order to function at its highest capacity. The program is so simple - no special foods, no foods you can't eat! You can make it fit any lifestyle, and still eat the good foods you love. It really becomes effortless so quickly. You will be amazed at how great you feel, and that your strength can keep improving while losing fat. I've done diets that made me feel exhausted, miserable and deprived before - that's just not sustainable, or good for you.

5. What have your workouts consisted of?

I love lifting, so my workouts are based around the main three powerlifting lifts - back squat, bench press, and deadlifts. I do squats and bench twice a week, and deadlifts and some targeted accessory moves once. I also try to get out for a walk a couple of times a week - but that's mostly for recovery.

6. What has been the keys to success for you following this program?

The key to success for me is planning, and meal prep. I really like taking some time on Sunday to cook some chicken or fish, a big batch of rice or quinoa, and some veggies so I have a few meals ready to go. Each night, I prep every meal for the next day - portion out my yogurt, cut up veggies, etc. It takes so little time, and that way I know I can eat on time no matter how busy I am! Taking the time when I have it means everything is just grab and go the next day! And for those days when everything is too crazy, I have super fast options stocked just in case.

Getting fit while losing fat is a tough balance. I have worked too hard to lose even a little of the muscle I've gained, even in the name of losing fat. That usually means losing weight really, slowly - which is ok! But it can be hard to maintain motivation when the results are slow to come. That's why I'm so pumped about this program. I know that I'm not sacrificing fitness for fat loss, and it's another major piece in becoming the healthiest version of me!

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