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Kings County Open 2017

On December 2, 9 women from Full Throttle Fitness headed to Montague to compete in the Kings County Open. We had one new lifter among us (Bethany Coffin) and everyone did an incredible job. It’s amazing to watch the same group of ladies come out with so much confidence and strength. To think they all competed in their first meet less than four months prior is unbelievable.

Here’s what each of the ladies had to say about this meet vs. the last:


At the Summerside meet, I was very “green” to the reality of the process. We had gone over it a number of times at the gym and I watched videos but there is nothing like experiencing competition in reality. Even though the Montague competition was my third meet, I found that I really needed my fellow competitors from FTF to keep me focused in getting my 2nd and 3rd attempts on time. It’s such an adrenaline rush, but realizing that you can’t relax until that little piece of paper is at the table is a tough reality!


I would say I felt more in tune with what was going on. I was more focused on trying to lift heavier than trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing.


I wasn’t at the Summerside meet but even from the competition we participated in, in Souris, I definitely had an idea of what I was doing and managed to up my weights. But maybe that was more the pre-workout drink ;)


At the King’s County meet I was able to lift 57.5kg more than I did in Summerside. I think I was more confident and comfortable with the whole process of how everything worked. I still get nervous and butterflies right before I go to lift, but I think that helps me focus more.


In the Summerside competition, I was so nervous I missed commands and didn’t get all of my lifts. My main goal going into the Kings County Open was to take my time, listen to the judges, and not miss commands. I wasn’t focused on weight, I was more focused on getting my confidence back after the Summerside competition, which I did. It was a great day!


I had more fun! I was less nervous and it felt great to be part of a team. My weights didn’t increase a whole lot, but I felt like my form was more solid. I can’t wait to do it again!

Bip (Cyrilina Campbell)

Summerside was a large meet, but with the help of FTF fellow competitors and Courtney, I survived and learned a lot. They say I was a lot calmer at the Kings County Open. I had a better understanding of the procedures. I was able to fill in my own sheets for my 2nd and 3rd weight attempts. The adrenaline rush keeps you wanting to do better. Even though I missed a command… LEARN TO LISTEN… I did get a PR in my deadlift. I’m still impressed with the support from fellow competitors from on and off island. It was a long day, but rewarding. I will be back to make more PRs.


This was my favorite meet so far. I felt comfortable and strong. Since August, I’ve added over 80lbs to my total. It was the first event I went 9 for 9 on my lifts which means I’m really getting to know what my body is capable of and no technical errors this time. My max deadlift before I became pregnant was 303lbs which I hit again at this meet. Squat was 248lbs and bench 133 which are both PRs for myself. We are excited to be putting our own charity meet together for the Morell River Run Festival July 22nd. It will take place in the Full Throttle parking lot. (Home of the Street Dance)


December 2016 versus December 2018

192.5 squat (2016) 203.5 (2017)

269.5 deadlift (2016) 303 (2017)

93.5 bench (2016) 126.5 (2017)

I didn’t move up a lot in squats, but my form is so much better. I added 33lbs to both my deadlift and bench press this year. The first meet had a lot of failed lifts, this time only one. I think that shows I’m starting to understand my body more. I also had to learn to pull. It’s all good when you can lift the weight, but you learn so much when you learn to pull because it won’t move otherwise! I feel so supported in my FTF family. We just keep moving ahead. I can’t wait to see where we grow over the next year.

Anyone interested in joining this team of strong, fit folks is more than welcome. Check out the Indy Deadlift Competition December 30 in Souris. We will have a number of lifters participating and the best part is you won’t have to wear those fancy singlets!

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