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2017 Eastern Canadians: Full Throttle Fitness Results

Three strong women from the Morell area represented Full Throttle Fitness in Halifax on October 28 for the 2017 Eastern Canadians powerlifting competition.

Arlene VanDeipen, Glenda MacDonald, and Courtney Steele all qualified for the event at a provincial meet in Summerside earlier this year.

Roughly 120 male and female participants from ages 15-65 competed in the unequipped division. Arlene and Glenda had early starts to their day with a 5:30am weigh-in and competition starting at 7:30.

Courtney had it slightly easier with a 9:30am weigh in and 11:30 start time.

All three ladies had impressive results and ended up on the podium at the regional meet, after competing against lifters from all over Canada!

Arlene finished first in her category (Masters 3 84kg) and qualified or nationals!

Squat 100kg

Bench 45kg

Dead 125kg

Total 270kg

Glenda placed second in the Masters 1 72kg category!

Squat 77.5kg

Bench 47.5kg

Dead 125kg

Total 260kg

Courtney place third in the Open 63kg

Squat 100kg

Bench 55kg

Dead 130kg

Total 285kg

Courtney’s thoughts about the meet

There were some amazing heavy lifters participated in this event showing unbelievable strength! The support from other lifters is absolutely unbelievable. Referees, fellow participants and even other coaches were there to help with whatever was needed… even lending equipment.

This being my second meet, it felt a lot less stressful then the first one I competed in, two months ago. I knew my body so much better for this competition which really gave me the confidence I needed to go out and hit my lifts. Although I still have a lot to learn about my body and mind for competition I was so much further ahead.  

My total was only 7.5kg higher then it was 2 months ago, but I felt much stronger and it was more of technical issues that held me back rather than my strength.

We’re attending a charity lifting event in Souris on November 18th (There are 12 Full Throttle members participating). The next official powerlifting event takes place in Montague December 2. 

We have a total of 17 people currently training for powerlifting at the studio all female but would love to add some men to the team!

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