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NEW classes at Full Throttle!

The studio has been very busy this year. It’s great to see our parking lot full in the evenings! We have some great new classes that have been very popular, and I want to make sure you know what they entail so that you can decide if they might be for you. (But, keep in mind that all of our instructors are excellent at providing modifications for anyone having trouble keeping up, and for those who are at a more advanced level. Our classes really can suit everyone.) 

Monday evening Core Yoga at 7:15pm

Sally Drake is our most recently certified trainer at the studio and she has some great additions to our schedule. Monday evening, she does a 30-minute yoga class focused on strengthening and toning your core. Remember that a strong core is important, not just for a bikini body as magazine covers would lead you to believe, but with a strong core, you have less back pain, and greater overall strength and mobility. A lot of your daily activities can be improved with a stronger core. This class does not involve any yoga meditations, it is all about the core, and it’s fine for beginners or experienced yogis.

Tuesday evening Cardio Pump 6:45pm

This class is also taught by Sally and it’s been quite popular. Cardio pump is a mixture of slow, controlled weighted movements and moderate to high reps. You will feel the burn, and you’ll probably break a good sweat. This class is suited for people at all levels, because you control the amount of weight you add to your bar. It’s a very efficient 30-minute workout.

Thursday evening Pilates 6:15pm and or NEW Saturday Morning at 10:15am

Our Thursday evenings have been packed at the studio, and we’re keeping Serena good and busy. Her spin class is almost always full, but no worries. When we have more people than bikes, she splits up the class and everyone still gets a great workout. After spin, Serena hits the mat for Pilates. If you like a great ab workout, you will love Pilates. Pilates is similar to yoga, in that you will be using your own body weight to go through a series of stretches, but t

here are more reps than you would be used to in yoga, different moves, and no meditation involved. This is a great workout for anyone wanting to get nice toned muscles. It’s a great workout.

Saturday morning Powerlifting Training 8:30am

I think this is my favorite class on the weekly schedule. It’s an hour long class designed to help powerlifters improve their form and increase the weight on the bar. The first half of the class involves some really good mobility stretching and accessory exercises, and we finish with a crossfit workout suited for powerlifters. When we have time, we add on some more accessory movements at the end.

We have many other classes on our calendar ( but these are our newest offerings. We’re also now set up for full 24/7 access to the gym for our members.  If you haven’t been given your code yet, let me know.

Classes are free for members, but drop-ins are always welcome!

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