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Health and wellness has no “one size fits all” fix

Slim-Fast (drink a shake for breakfast, one or lunch, and a “sensible” dinner).

Atkins (low-carb, high protein).

Nutrisystem (“guaranteed” calorie restriction as Nutrisystem delivers the food they want you to eat).

The Zone (eat a specific ratio of fat, proteins, and carbs with each meal).

The Master Cleanse (Eat nothing but a drink made with water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper).

The Cabbage Soup Diet (eat a limited diet that includes cabbage soup each day).

The Grapefruit Diet (eat a grapefruit with every meal).

Jenny Craig (eat only Jenny Craig packaged meals).

Keto Diet (high fat, low carb).

Beach Body Diet (eat foods in specially prescribed combinations and portions).

The weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars for a reason. People are so desperate to lose weight that they’ll try anything and everything to help shed some pounds. I actually read about something that was called the Tapeworm diet where people willingly would eat parasites in pill form, to help them lose weight.

When we’re dealing with that level of desire to be thin, there’s no wonder fad diets are so hugely popular.

I have worked with many people over the years who were so frustrated because they’d tried a diet that their coworker lost a bunch of weight on, and for them the scale just wouldn’t budge.

There are a couple of things I want to point out to anyone reading this who is feeling desperate to lose weight:

  1. Just because you lose weight, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

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